Texts download

Here you can download the XML files that compose the Hofmeister XIX corpus. The relevant XML elements have been added by a key attribute to run together with the thesauri.

The XML files are available as a single ZIP file (24 MB)

The Hofmeister XIX DTD (a TEI P4 customization) is also available as a ZIP archive, as well as the TEI extensions files (ZIP archive).

Thesaurus download

Here you can download the thesauri built into Hofmeister XIX, which both document the equivalences we have adopted and provide a listing of the variants found in the Monatsberichte. In some cases we have included annotations to make the listings more useful: the Key thesaurus includes equivalent German, English, French, and Italian terms as well as the codes used in Hofmeister XIX, while the Class (Hofmeister classification) thesaurus includes both broader categorisations and translations. Some files include several listings (e.g. Classes listed alphabetically in German and English as well as by category, Places sorted by town or country). Excel files are generally preferred because they allow you to manipulate the data for your own purposes.

As the Composer thesaurus is extremely large, we provide the option of downloading just the thesaurus entries, without the variants.