Selecting 'indices' enables you to access individual bibliographical items by means of an alphabetical listing. Indices are available for Composers, Publishers, Publication places, Classes (i.e. Hofmeister classification), and Countries (based on 2006 boundaries). Except in the case of Publication place, the procedure is in each case the same: you select which index you want to use, then the initial letter of the name you are looking for (in the larger indices individual letters are also subdivided), and finally the individual index term. In the case of Place, you have the option of doing the same ('list'), but you also have the option of opening a map and selecting the place from there (by either clicking on a marker or using the drop-down menus). At this point a list of bibliographic items corresponding to the specified index term will open; these lists are generated on the fly and can be quite lengthy, so response will not always be immediate. Clicking on an individual bibliographic item will take you to the transcribed Monatsbericht page on which the item is found, as when using Browse, but with the item in question positioned at the top of the screen. All indices make use of thesauri, the purpose of which is to bring together equivalent entries (Bizet, Georges; Bizet, George; Georges Bizet, etc). Where, exceptionally, you wish to access information without using thesauri, use Advanced or Free text Search instead.

Please note that the map depends on information accessed from Google Maps and we cannot guarantee its long-term functioning.