This is effectively an on-line version of working with the original printed publication, providing a transcription of all the contents of the original Monatsberichte (with the exception of title pages and advertisements). Selecting 'Browse' opens a page from which you can successively select the decade, year, and month (or months, in the case of a double issue) you wish to browse. When a specific Monatsbericht has been selected you have a choice of three ways of viewing it:

  • by page: select a specific page of the Monatsbericht, which will open as a single page in your browser.
  • by month: the entire Monatsbericht will open as a single page in your browser.
  • by class: except for the earliest Monatsbericht (1829-30), which were organized in a different way, you can use a drop down menu ('Select a class') to go directly to a particular Hofmeister classification (music for orchestra, for piano, etc). To access the contents of the 1829-30 Monatsberichte by class, use Search.

In all cases, you have the option of selecting 'View facsimile'. This will open the corresponding facsimile page on the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek website, in a separate browser window.